Little Horrors
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Anomalous Children and the Construction of Monstrosity
Edited by Simon Bacon and Leo Ruickbie

Front cover of 'Little Horrors'

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Little Horrors is a collection of essays exploring the special fear and fascination that surround the idea of children and teenagers gifted with supernatural powers or touched by supernatural evil.

Photograph of a doll used in a curse

Subjects range from the confessions of a teenage werewolf in 17th century France to vampires and zombies in young adult fiction, and the authors take very varied approaches, making this an intriguing, challenging and compelling book.

Photograph of objects used in spirit magic

My contribution, The Possession of John Starkie, investigates how Nicholas Starkie, one of the wealthiest men in Tudor England, became convinced that his 13-year-old son John was possessed by evil spirits, after John formed a close friendship with a local wizard, Edmund Hartlay.